Layers of the City

4k video, sound, scaffolding, window graphic

How might we sing our way through the transformation of place?

Layers of the City reflects on spaces in Santa Ana, California both inhabited and boarded up, of immigrant owned entities that passed through generations only to be pushed out by rising rents and revitalization plans. The stories of Santa Ana are the stories of Sunset Park in Brooklyn, of Pilsen in Chicago, and of Boyle Heights in Los Angeles - neighborhoods where real estate speculation supersedes communities. With these processes in mind, Nevarez and Tevere wrote a song that follows the composition and form of a cumulative song. As the song progresses, so do the amount of voices singing the chorus. In the end, a larger assembly of bodies and voices come together, perhaps forming a community, a resistant cumulative process.

* Sound piece for answering machine #714-558-4145, 1:34 min.

* Layers of the City - Lyric Sheet: PDF