Electro Kinetic Grammar

Performance and Single-Channel HD Video

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Electro Kinetic Grammar combines scientific methods with artistic practice. In this work, a drummer's body (Angel Nevarez) becomes the vehicle of examination. The work focuses on the relationship between the mind-body-machine complex, repetition, drumming style, and how this physical activity can be translated into data through the use of medical monitoring systems (EKG, EMG, VO2 monitor).   The video documents the performance of Nevarez drumming a consistent rhythm over a 30 minute period. At various moments throughout the 30 minute document, the camera cuts to moments that focus on the preparation of Nevarez's body for monitoring.

Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere would like to thank the Exercise Science Program and the Art and Music Departments at Salisbury University, and to all who helped to make this project possible, Particularly: Scott Faenzi, Paul Flexner, William Folger, David Gladden, Elizabeth Kauffman, Dr. John LaManca. Dr. Scott Mazzetti. Victoria Meyers. Edwin Miranda, Edward Nichols, Thomas Pellinger, Maarten Pereboom, Preston Poe, William Rogers, Marisa Sage, Eric Shuster, John Szeluga, Joseph Watso.

**View a 10-minute excerpt here: VIMEO